With 67.07% of all clicks happening for the first five organic results, it is important for any business to ensure their keywords rank on top. For this reason, more business owners are looking at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to put them on the top spot.

3 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring an SEO Company in Brisbane


This is very rational to do so, especially with the fact that there are close to 2.3 trillion searches that happened last year. That is before COVID 19 even entered the scene. 


So just imagine the bulk of online queries that the internet is now receiving. 


With more people stuck at home, more people are expected to do their shopping and service queries online. 


Therefore, if you don’t use SEO, it will not come as a surprise if you see your business being left behind. 


AND this is not to TRICK you. This is a FACT. Look at your online rank and see it for yourself. If you are not on the first page of GOOGLE, then you are definitely in danger.


How do you do this?


Go to www.google.com.au and start typing a keyword associated with your business. See if your business appears on the first page. 


If it doesn’t then it is best to look for an SEO Company in BRISBANE to help troubleshoot this problem for you. 


But how do you find the right one?


Here are some tips:




With everyone tightening their belts, its important to carefully evaluate the cost of your SEO package. 


How do you know if you are overspending on your SEO service?


It is best to choose an SEO company that offers a fixed price rate for the services they deliver. For this reason, you know how much you will be spending per month and decide if it can be added to your monthly expenses. 


Here at M Business and Marketing Solutions. We offer a fixed rate for all our SEO packages. Choose one that will best suit your needs. Talk to Mike




Not because a company says that they offer SEO services, you will easily trust them. You need to do a background check about the company. Some questions you need to ask includes:


– The type of industry they cater to

– Their length in the industry

– Customer reviews


Use this as your metrics in deciding if it is wise for them to be included in your shortlisted SEO companies.


If you are TRADIE and wish to do more for your business, we are happy to help you. We have been helping TRADIES with their business for the past decade. Schedule an appointment with us. Look at our Portfolio




Beware of P-R-O-M-I-S-E-S.


A legitimate SEO company in Brisbane understands that putting your targeted keywords on top of search engine results page (SERP) takes time. Because of this, it is very, very, very rare for them to make promises. 


How long will it take for SEO to work?


Depending on your selected keywords and competition, it normally takes 3 to 6 months. But there are many factors that go along with this. It is best to watch Mike’s SEO audit report for additional info regarding this matter. 





Lastly, take a closer look at the communication channels they offer. 


Are they easily accessible via the phone, email, chatbots, and social media? 

How often do they update their social media pages? 

Do they have a straightforward pricing and quote process?


Choose an SEO company that has a clean flow of communication. After all, you’ll be communicating with them regularly regarding your SEO campaigns. 


Do you need help with your website? Let us help you. Call us at 0447 776 970.