Plan To Smash Your Week

Plan To Smash Your Week

Plan To Smash Your Week



Hi and welcome to Mike’s Marketing Minutes. This session on Mike’s Marketing Minutes, we’re talking about how to smash your goals? 


It’s Friday. Have you done it? Well, guess what? There’s a new week next week and it’s a start of a brand new month. Let’s get into it.


Did you smash your week this week? I’ve been talking all week about goals. I’ve been talking about time management and really just want to know how you win. Now I know that Fridays is the best day to prepare for next week. And you know, I’ve got everything ready.



We’re having a short week. It’s four days. So, you know, I want to encourage you. It’s the start of a brand new month. How are you going to achieve your goals? 




I think the first thing that we really need to look at is whether we’re prepared. And when I talk about prepared, I always talk about three things.




Am I going to be on time? So time is really, really important. It’s better to be early than late.




I got to be on budget. Are the things that you’re going to do with all isn’t going to be on a budget?


You don’t want to overspend in anything that you do




And the third thing is, “Are we on track?” 


I think that’s all about what we’ve been talking about. 


Time management: whether you’re on time and really that’s it. I always think of what’s called the 90 day rule. The 90 day rule is what we do in the next 30 days. We’ll set up what we’re going to achieve for the next 90 days. So whatever the production that we have this month is going to set up for the next 90 days.


We are still in crisis. We are still pushing it through so that there’s no bigger time than ever to be able to push through in the next 30 days to see your 90-day goals to be achieved. So one of the things that I do to really see if the things are really going well is I have an app. It’s called TODAY HABIT TRACKER . Every 30 minutes I get a notification on my Apple watch that says, I am achieving my goals right now. 


The third thing, what do your customers say. Do you have a story that you have you’ve done recently? It can be a testimony or a testimonial that you’ve done for your customer and for what you guarantee your offer. That’s pretty much it. 




Because you know, I’ve already said before, I’m a bit of a daydreamer. I’m the true entrepreneur that has a different idea every single morning. So it’s important that you do whatever it takes to keep you motivated and keep you focused to achieve the things that are really important to you. Like we said on Wednesday, that progressive realization of a worthy ideal. You have to do whatever it takes to push through and to be able to do it. If you have to put an alarm on your phone, that’s what I’ve got. I’ve got alarms that say, what are you doing right now?



What, what, what’s going on? Are you achieving what you’re doing? Have you diarised everything? I think Friday is a wonderful day because what it does is to give you an opportunity to set up next week. It gives you an opportunity to look at your diary today before you leave work today or tonight or whenever So you want to do it? Whatever time you’re going to watch this live and look at are you ready for next week? Are you ready to kick my ass and bang. You know what I mean?


Sample Elevator Pitch


So the first thing that you do, is to introduce yourself. You may say, 


“Look! Hey, you know, we’re a digital agency. We’re not only a digital agency, but we also are a training organization. We help our customers over the last 12 years, gain more clients, get more leads for our customers. So what makes us a little bit different? Well, we get things done on time at a fixed price with no surprises. And at the moment, this is our offer. This is what we’re doing at the moment. We’re doing X, Y, Zed. Um, we’re very, very excited. Our customers are very, very excited. We’ve been working with a lot of our customers the last eight years and, and you know, I’ve got some great stories that I like to share with you. One particular client has this …”


That’s pretty much 60 seconds. That’s all you need. That’s what it is. And you know, really just for me, it’s then leading this 60-second conversation into the next thing.


How to Close Your Elevator Pitch?


What is an alternative close? 


Do you know when would be a good time to catch up? Tuesday or Wednesday? Morning or afternoon? 


Book an appointment that they and you will be available. 


That is it, that is it. That’s, that’s the 60 seconds. It’s not rocket science. It’s supposed to be like that. 


So stand out! Get down with your elevator pitch because it literally is like, you’re in an elevator, you’ve got 60 seconds. You might even have less than 60 seconds. What is it that you’re going to say that’s going to make you stand out? 


Be Will Smith of The Pursuit of Happiness


You know, we just watched the movie the Pursuit of Happiness again. And I love that movie so much. You know, will Smith plies the pot off the would-be stockbroker. And I love the part where he took an opportunity. He had the Rubik’s cube and this guy was trying to do it and he knew he had a bit of a feeling that if he did the Rubik’s cube, he could stand out. He could be, you know, that next stockbroker he could get into the program. 




And you know, he only had a fixed amount of time because it was in the taxi between, you know, the work and where he was going to be dropped off. So he quickly did it and the guy just stood there and he just was mesmerized. He did something different.




Tonight, I want to encourage you in these tough crisis times, do something different. Stand out from the crowd. Have you enjoyed it, talk to you very, very soon. Hey, you got any questions? Please post some questions you’d like to know in regards to marketing what you can do for your business. I’d love to hear from you guys..

6 Tips for Tradies to Use in Their Social Media Platforms

6 Tips for Tradies to Use in Their Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are an easy way to let several people know about your business. However, it’s a different game out there. You need to know how to properly use it to ensure a positive outcome. To make things easier, here are 6 tips that tradies can use in their social media platforms to boost your online sales. 


Analyse the correct platform


Every business is different. Let’s say yes to that. No two business’s services and products are exactly the same. So, you need to know which platform will suit your business perfectly.



Building your presence online doesn’t mean that you have to put your nose on every platform out there. You might get overwhelmed with the various social media platforms and websites around. Rather, you can start focusing on these:

  • Linkedin has both an online website and mobile app that is geared in connecting tradies and business.
  • Instagram is more on using visuals. It’s best to use if you’re targeting the millennial market. It’s a perfect fit for trades in painting, construction, decoration, and/or renovation.
  • Twitter is a platform that can be used for a quick reply on queries or feedback.
  • Facebook has topped almost all social media platforms. It has recorded 15 million monthly active users in Australia. What a large market you can get yourself in there right? Facebook is more flexible than other platforms because it allows you to use videos and photos to showcase your business.


Tell about your business


Showcasing what your products and services are is one thing you can do in social media platforms. But, have you heard of the golden rule of online marketing?

It says, “ Tell, don’t sell.”

This means that you’re better off by giving examples of how you can help your customers. Get the attention of your potential clients by telling stories of about your products and services that changed other’s lives.

For example, show your potential clients how a kitchen renovation brought a family closer than before. Or how a newly repainted wall gave a new burst of life in a house. Stories like this stimulate people’s imagination, thus, pulls them closer in dealing with you. You can discuss the problems that your clients had and how you’ve helped them get through it.


Use #hashtags


Hashtags are commonly used on Instagram and Twitter to easily find and connect specific topics or issues. So if you’re planning to use Twitter and Instagram, keep hashtags on top of your mind.

Utilising hashtags will help you connect your post with other contractors in the same field. Thus, this will allow your potential client to find you easier in the pool of tradies. To do this, search for the generic terms that are related to your line of business such as:

  • #tradielife
  • #construction
  • #renovation
  • #plumbingworks
  • #painter

To make it more relatable, make sure that your content is also inlined with the hashtag you want to use. Then, choose hashtags with the largest number of users. Make sure to add at least 5 hashtags on your post. Please try not to overdo it because you can be penalised for hashtag spamming.

Learn more about hashtags. Click here. 


Check the type of post


Before clicking “post”, you should observe and analyse the type of posts that will for your target audience. Many social media

users use contents that show how they can add value to the lives of their potential clients.

You can include information about your business, tips and hacks, and/or your completed works. Successful posts for tradies has high definition visuals of their works. This will give your potential clients what to expect from you. Make sure to keep your contents visually appealing to grab people’s attention, thus, bring enquiries to your business.


Have a schedule


To get followers on social media, you need to have consistency. This means consistently posting contents on your social media accounts. Choose a posting schedule that can ensure high traffic and engagement. This varies per social media platforms. Let’s say you’re using twitter, wherein posts have short durations, so your ideal post per day is 3 to 4 tweets.

This will be experimental on your part. You need to observe the time and day your posts get attention. Create a posting schedule, strictly follow it and wait for the results.


Be unique


Being unique amongst many businesses in the same field can be challenging, but doing so can have a different impact on winning your potential clients. You can try being hospitable and empathic towards your clients.

See to it that your social media accounts clearly show your company’s culture and staff. Keep your contents informative and professional, but make sure to balance it with something funny and interesting. You might engage more followers and client by being a mix of work and fun.

Make sure to follow these 6 tips for tradies to use in social media platforms and you won’t be lost. Diving into the social media world can be daunting, but with persistence and use of the right tricks, it’s easy to swim in it.

Would you need professional assistance? Send us a message






Hi, it’s Mike here from M Business and Tradie Directory Australia. In this episode, we’re going to talk about engagement bait. Join me now. Let’s get on with it.




Hey guys, Mike here from M Business and Tradie Directory Australia. Today I want to talk to you about clickbait.




What is clickbait? 


Clickbait was actually a band brought in by Facebook in 2017, um, or even earlier and it was about posts that would get comments, shares, reactions, tagging, voting. It is like basically getting that by asking for it. 




So it’s like saying get 10% off a product if you tag someone in this post. Or maybe something like they might have a picture of four different things and it’s an emotion, you know, an emotive on each one of those that says, choose your emotive in the comments below. Those are what’s called clickbait.




Because it’s not a natural or organic straightway or a natural way that a person will like something.




So Facebook decided that they would start to make a circumstance where if someone’s boosts doing clickbait, they would be penalized in their reach.


I’ll give you an example now. This is back in 2017.  This is from a popular Higgins storm chasing, and he’s put up this, this post, and it says:


Image source:


So just to, just a bit of a brief about what, what Higgins storm chasing was actually paved about what he would do. He would put  “dot” the comments if you wanted more information about something or if you wanted to share something or if you wanted to agree with it or whatever else. 


In Facebook’s eyes, what they were doing was they were actually click-baiting. So they put this big rant up and it says back then, Facebook, one of the charges, $2,100 per post to reach out 300,000 followers.


Oh my goodness! It must have been a while ago because now Higgins Storm Chasers have guidelines a lot more than that. 


Now Facebook has put a stop on our “dots” and want to charge is 10,600 per post to reach just half of our followers and so, and it goes on and goes on. 


Image source:


So then what was funny about, Higgins Stone Chasers. As they said, 


“SO FB and there greedy money-hungry corporate and shareholders can go jump in the lake because HSC is now introducing the “F” for following! If you see this post in your news feeds type an “F” into comments, if we request an F into comments please help us by helping you bring the latest important weather updates. Without an F in comments, our posts average reach is just 25,000 out of 509,000.

Thank you 🙂 ***END RANT*** – SOURCE: Higgins Storm Chasing FB Page


So there were a lot of people that were really pissed with Facebook, bringing in this whole thing about clickbait and banning click-baiting.


But you still see it a lot today. You still see a lot of people putting things in their posts, like comment on the link below for a 10% discount or say for instance, share this post to receive, you know, to go into a competition for something or you know, react to this post and we’ll do this. Or you know what I mean?




So how do you get around it or tag someone or whatever? How do you get around it?


It’s simple. I’ll go through the comment with commenting. If you want people to comment, ask them a question that’s different, that’s a different circumstance. You can say, “You know this year, what was your best holiday destination? 


That’s a different scenario to biting someone because you were in a conversation, you’re not out of the conversation. You can do, instead of vote for the best or you can put something up, we now have polls.



You can actually do a poll. So that’s going to get you out of it. Get a reaction. Do good content and you will get reactions at the end of the day.


Share is exactly the same. So I think what you’ve gotta be careful with is this with Facebook and in regards to engagement on average, you only get a 2% engagement rate on any of your posts.



So, if you have a thousand fans on your Facebook page, what’s that? That means if someone if says, for instance, you might get 200 engagements on a really, really good thing if you’ve got a hundred people who like something you might get two hundred. So the more fans you have, the better off you are.


Should you pay Facebook to get more fans on your page?


So people have asked me, should we pay Facebook to get more fans on our page? Yes, you should. 


Because more fans on your page means more engagement; unless you want to go down the advertising route. And that’s a completely different scenario. 




Using your page as like a landing page and you’re advertising on Facebook to get the results that you want. But in regards to engagement baiting, really I think it just comes back down to being careful about what you’re trying to portray. 


I think if you are doing engagement baiting, it’s because you’re trying to sell something and we go back to that conversation: “ No one wants to get sold to”



I think Facebook had a gut full of all these posts that have come up to say, “You know, click on this or do this to get something in return.” It’s not really what Facebook is all about. 


So I hope that’s, that’s been a little help to you. If you want to know more if you want to get a little bit more engagement. If you want to know some more information, we are holding a new course. It’s an updated 2020 Facebook for business course called Increased Sales on Facebook. It starts, you can go to our landing page, which is, so you and find out some more details. But thanks so much for the week and we’ll talk to you very soon.



CRISIS: Danger or Opportunity

CRISIS: Danger or Opportunity

CRISIS: Danger or Opportunity



Hey everybody, Mike here from M business and Tradie Directory Australia. I just wanted to do a live video to encourage people where we are at in this crisis that we’re actually in. 


I heard a great quote from John F. Kennedy and he said the “Chinese use two brush brushstrokes to write the word crisis. One brushstroke stands for danger and the other for opportunity in a crisis.”





Be aware of the danger but recognize the opportunity. So you know, today what I was thinking is it’s a bit like most businesses that I know are at this moment in time when I’ve talked to everybody they are being reactive or they’re being proactive. And I think it’s, it’s all based around attitude. Where we’re seeing, especially with that quote, it’s quite acting on it. We’re in a crisis.  Are we going to focus on the danger or are we going to focus on the opportunity?


There’s a lot of people that are probably thinking of an opportunity? What opportunity? So let me talk to you a little bit about that. Olivia, a few days ago did a video on “Adjust. Don’t panic.” Just adjust and pretty much where I’m talking about the same circumstance, don’t panic, just adjust. So with a crisis, what opportunities can we see? Where are we going? 


And so, you know, if we are reactive right now, we are going to make decisions that are going to be detrimental for our long term success in business. So we really need to be smart. We really need to, as Olivia said the other day, inhale, exhale, repeat, and look around and see the opportunities that we have right now. 





So for me, I really believe the Corona Virus has brought out a lot of things. It’s definitely brought us to a point where we’ve got to get ready to know who our ideal client is and, be basically focused more about what we can do for our customers above our competitors.



Even more today, I’ve got some, Oh look, we’ve got mechanics, we’ve got painters, I’ve seen, I’ve got air conditioning guys, but I’ve seen different people do different things. I’ve got mechanics who have said, okay, we can deliver your car, we can pick your car up. They’re adding more service. They’re adding more value to the customer. And I think that’s a really, really good key as an opportunity. 


If you add value to a customer, you’re going to see a return. The second thing you know, I’ve got a painter who has customers who are thinking, I don’t want you to come into the house right now. I don’t want you to come in and have your guys come into my house while you’re painting in the house. So what’s he done? He’s hired a, that’s an opportunity that’s looking forward, that’s continually looking and adjusting as we go ahead.


What is your situation? Okay. There’s some, if you’re not an essential service, there are some that have completely been shut down. If you are a restaurant, you know, there’s been, I’ve heard of people doing a delivery of actual ingredients and then doing a live video with cooking on those ingredients and what they can do, you know,  it’s just constantly changing and adjusting with the time. This is a precedent for a hundred year thing. It hasn’t happened for a hundred years. What I’m excited about is the difference between people even in the GREAT DEPRESSION a hundred years ago? What was it that made people be very successful and what was it that made people, you know, just collapse and  just give up. 


I was reading How to Win Friends and Influence People, a while ago and I realized that Dale Carnegie made and sold all of those books, which is now an absolutely phenomenal book in the 1920s.



A lot of his stuff and a lot of the money that he made was in the GREAT DEPRESSION. So, you know, I think right now instead of looking at the danger, I’ve got some customers saying, “Oh, we should just see how things will go.” It’s a bit like a deer in the headlights. And I think we’ve all been a little bit like that. You’ve been like a deer in the headlights. Let’s just wait and see.  But, this is not a time to wait.  This is a time to think about opportunity. 


You know, I’ve got another customer that is absolutely booming right now because he’s a spring manufacturer and right now people are not going to China for spring. So he’s had to put on 10 new staff to be able to handle the flow of new enquiries and new circumstances.


So yes, in the next few months it’s going to be tough. But let’s look at the opportunity. Right now, your competitors are in the same place. Really this is a dog eat dog world. It always has been. But if you can stand out and you can give value to your customer, you can show even more value that you are the person that they need to choose. When we get through this, you’re going to come up on top. 


Sounds good. So look, I want to challenge you. I really want to challenge you and think about What for your industry and for what you’re doing How can you see opportunity? There’s no opportunity? How can you adjust your services to push through and just get through? I’m not talking about getting through tomorrow or getting through three months of time or getting through whatever, because we cannot. We cannot do anything about the future. Nothing at all. All we can do is what we’re doing right now, today. 


So today what we are doing is going to create our future. I remember that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that said, “No one can make you feel inferior,  Only you can make yourself feel inferior right now.”


No one can make you feel unsuccessful. No one can make you give up on your business. No one can make you be the person that you’re going to be in six months, in 12 months, whenever this crisis is over. The only person that can make you feel inferior and can make you feel unsuccessful is right here. The finger, you’re pointing the finger at it, it’s that thing that points back. 


So yeah, being courageous to start looking around at opportunities. Start adjusting slightly. You know, if a boat adjusts slightly in degrees; then, you know, in 10 hours they land off in a completely different place.



It is the same with an airplane. If you just slightly adjust the degree with an airplane in 10 hours, you’re not going to be anywhere near the place you’re meant to be. 



So we can take that as a good thing, but we just need to adjust slightly and look at it. Inhale, exhale and breathe. But for the opportunity, I’d love to hear some comments about your opportunity.  What are you doing within this crisis? How are you feeling in this crisis? Post below and I’m going to keep on doing lives. This is Wednesday. I’m going to do another one on Friday, pushing forward. Great to talk to ya.