How to Improve Engagement within Facebook Groups

How to Improve Engagement within Facebook Groups

How to Improve Engagement within Facebook Groups



Hi, it’s Mike here from M Business. And today on Mike’s Marketing Minutes, we’re gonna talk about how to get engagement in groups.  When I talk about that, I want to talk about first of all, someone who has a group. How do you get engagements with people who come into the group? And secondly, those people that have joined groups. 




We’re going to talk about how to woo your customer:  what to post, how to post and the importance of having a good Facebook page, just in case someone does come and click through to who you are talking about in Australia.




Tonight I’m going to talk to you about how to get more engagement out of groups. And there’s two things that I want to talk about. I’m talking about those that are going to create a group, those that have a group and those that think that is way too much work. I’m just happy being in groups. 


So first of all, Facebook engagement is a little bit like dating. It’s all about wooing. When I say wooing, that’s such an old fashioned word. I think, you know, you don’t just go up to a bar and you say, Hey baby, you want to come home with me? It just doesn’t work.



It’s, it’s about wooing. And it’s exactly the same. I think it’s exactly the same as what we’re trying to get out of increasing sales on Facebook. It isn’t about just asking for it. Hi, here it is. You want what I’ve got here.Here it is. That’s not what it’s about. It’s literally about wooing your ideal client. And when I say wooing, I mean giving value posts. This is how it works.




80% of the time you should be in a group giving value, giving things that are going to help other people, giving your expertise as a professional. Things that you are doing for others. 


Now you can do that. Live video is incredible at the moment. Video is just in terms of engagement wise, it’s just crazy. You get so much out of live video. Facebook loves it. 


As you can see, I’m doing it right now. The second thing that you can do,  you can do things like an FAQ. You know, you can ask certain things. It’s all about just getting people to talk. And the reason why, especially in groups is this, say for instance, you’re a, you might be a tradie and you want to be a fix it fox and you might be putting your info into a group that’s all about trades and it’s all about people getting tradies for work.



So guess what, you’re in there. You’re posting about what to do, like you may be an conditioning guy, you might be posting in there how to save money on your air conditioning, you know, cleaning your vents and cleaning different things, how to save money on your appliances, how to clean the back of your fridges and bits and pieces. That might be the content that you’re gonna write that constantly comes up. 




Now if you posted as you as a person, what happens is when a person goes into the group and says, I’m looking for an electrician. I’m looking for a plumber, I’m looking for someone to fix my car. I’m looking for whatever, and you say, yeah, take a look at us. Here’s our details. The first thing that a person will do is they will click on your personal profile and when they click on your personal profile, what comes up is all of the things that you’ve posted in that group.


Facebook will go, okay, this person doesn’t know you. They’re not a friend of yours, but you do share certain things in the group. So then what will happen is that person will see your profile, but it also see all the things that you’ve posted within the group. All that ruling, all of that value, all of those things that you’re giving away for free and think, Hey, hang on, this guy’s an expert in the field. I’m going to give him a call. Now, if you are posting as a business that is a little different, and then this is really up to you. 


What is Mike’s recommendation?


I would still be posting for both. I would still be posting in groups as a person and also as the business, because as a business you’re getting that ideal circumstance. So when a person clicks through and they see that it’s a business, they can then see your reviews, they can see it.




So it’s really important that your page is set up very well and everything looks “well-made,” just like a date. It’s just like if you were going out and you know you might meet someone. It’s exactly the same. So all of this plays together. 



Everything that we do in social media is to mimic what we do face to face. So everything is the same. You know, it takes three seconds for someone to be engaged with you and whether or not you’ve got things and you’ll notice it’s even quicker if you do a live video, Facebook will say, did that person last for three seconds? You know, it’s exactly the same. You’ve got to say something very, very quick to get people to be engaged. 



Now granting the opportunity, if you are looking to get more engagement, to be an expert in your field, to be able to sort of be in a circumstance where you’re able to look for the opportunities and know when the opportunities are coming, especially for your ideal client. So say for instance if you’re a trainee and you go, “Okay well I’m going to set up a group for people who are interested in good quality trades  people for a particular area, for a particular town, for a particular type of business.” This is what I’m going to do. You can advertise to build your group. You can advertise on Facebook. And you know what advertising on Facebook and doing this type of soft sell awareness is going to be a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising.



I’ll give you an example, putting on an advert on a bus is probably what, 500 bucks a month or something. So you can, you see they say the same thing. So someone’s looking for something, they’re going to go into electricians.



You know what I mean? It might be mechanics, Brisbane, mechanics, Toowoomba, mechanics, Ipswich. And you go on there and you go, I’m looking for a mechanic that does X, Y, Z. And then you know, somebody puts their details out and away you go. But if you’re the, if you’re actually the owner of the group, you have a choice to be the expert. You’re the choice that says, if you’re wanting to do that, let me send you a private message. Or you can just send them a private message because your, you’ve got everybody’s details because you’ve set up a group. 


I always like the groups that they’re closed and to get into the group, you’re going to give their email addresses. Are you going to give contact or whatever else? Some people, it just depends on your niche. Some people may go: “Oh, I don’t want that because it’s going to limit the amount of people.” It comes back down to what your end goal is. If you want it to be open to everybody, leave it open to everybody. If you want to be more of a closed circumstance because it might be a higher dollar value you want to give, you want to be able to have your group that is about, you know, putting some questions in there to be involved like tradie ones to get into the trading groups. 


Um, and it’s just for trades. You’ve got to say where you live. A lot of these ones are your email address, maybe what type of trade you are and what you want to get out of the group. So that’s fantastic. So yeah, so that’s basically it. So to get more engagement out of groups, it’s about summary, it’s about having yourself in a lot of groups and looking at different things and keeping up with it.




It doesn’t take that long at nighttime or during the day to sort of just scroll through your groups and see who and what people are saying. Giving value in the group. Giving posts that are 80% about your, what you can do value wise. Like, as I said, if you are an electrician, you might be talking about how to get a longer life out of your appliances. You know, you might be talking about how to save money this winter when it comes into the winter months, um, that your air conditioning or your heating isn’t going to be on all the time. Those sorts of things that are going to give value, value, value. 


So when someone does come on board and say, Hey, yeah, I do want a plumber, and then you put your details in wham, bam, you got a better chance than the rest of them to get it because of what you’ve already inputted into the group. That’s basically it. Thanks so much for your time and uh, I will catch you very soon. Have a good day.


Save Your Business from Corona Virus with a Website

Save Your Business from Corona Virus with a Website

Toilet paper crisis! This must be the most obvious result of the Corona Virus in Australia. It may sound funny for some, but the Corona Virus has led not only households in a panic but also businesses. 

Save Your Business from Corona Virus with a Website


AUD struggled to fight against the USD, and many industries are looking for alternate manufacturers to get raw materials for their products. This is not mentioning the staff that may not be able to work for several weeks due to symptoms of the virus hitting on them.


With these soaring problems facing businesses in Australia, is there a way a business can remain calm and productive? 


Yes, there is a solution. Be visible online and keep your business alive with a website.


Why you need a website more than ever today due to Corona Virus?


If before people are urging you to get a website just to remain competitive, today you need one to stay alive. And this is no April Fool’s joke! Read on to learn why.


Low Foot Traffic In Stores will Drive More Online Sales


The effect of Corona Virus may last for a year at the least, as long as there is no found cure for this virus. This means fewer people will go to stores to purchase goods or enquire about services. Nevertheless, they will need to buy these items somehow. They will still need the help of a tradie to help fix their aircon, pipes, lights, and heater. They will still need someone to fix their kitchen, their garage, their pavement, their roofs and other maintenance jobs. 


How will they connect with you if you have no online presence? 


Sure they can call you via mobile or over the phone? But with few, to zero people, willing to hand-over fliers in supermarkets and restaurants, how can you market your business? The only way to do this is by owning a website and through online marketing. 


But I don’t have the budget to own a website?


STOP right there! Who says owning a website has to be very expensive? We understand your concerns and we are here to give you a solution that is within your reach. 


Let’s say we can give you a $1 website. Is that something that will give a smile to your face? After all its just $1, right?


We are not scamming you in any way. We are just here to help your business survive through the Corona Virus. Let’s talk. Call Mike on 0447 776 970 so we can draft a package that is perfect for your budget and needs. 

Otherwise, register your business FREE on this tradie directory listing.





Hey, it’s Mike here from M Business & Marketing Solutions and Tradie Australia


Tonight I want to talk about hashtags or not. Do we hashtag or do we not do hashtags? Where do we hashtag? Do we hashtag on Facebook? Do we hashtag on Instagram? What’s it all about? 


There are some pretty crazy hashtags out there. Somebody goes out shopping “hashtag”.  They go out shelving, “hashtag”.  Do you know what I mean? How is this relevant to your business? 


Or they might put a post up about you know a special and then they’ll put in, you know, #ThreeGreen OlivesForOne. Like how do you do it? Cause often I see hashtags and I go, what’s it about? Like does it really matter? Let me give you some, some ideas about it. 




Hashtags originally moved to for Twitter, then they moved over too, of course, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook.  




I think it’s good but I don’t think it’s as important as Instagram. You’ve got your Instagram followers that you do a hashtag and then you know you put it out there. But I think the main challenge that everybody has is what to post. What do you actually post? 


Let me give you an example site. For instance, I might want to do a few. I’m a kitchen renovations company. I’m all, I want to do a few posts on say for instance famous kitchens. So I might put some posts up of, of somebody with a famous kitchen. So then what I’ll do the best way to find out, you get on to Instagram and you just start posting famous kitchens, kitchens of the rich and famous, and you’ll start to see a term what you’re wanting to do with the hashtag.




So if someone goes to have a look at famous kitchens or that type of thing, there’s the hashtag. The thing is you don’t want to get it too popular because where as soon as you do it, it’s a bit like Facebook. As soon as you do it, that hashtag or that post will go down to the bottom. So each time you do a hashtag, it’s important that you do something that’s relevant and something that’s going to drive traffic to what you wanting to do search wisely. 


So let me give you another example. If I’m a kitchen company and I put in kitchen renovations, um, and I’m, and I’m doing say kitchen renovation ideas. So I might do a blog or I might do a post about it.  If you’re looking to do a kitchen, what are some of the ideas that you need to do? You know, if you’re wanting to do a kitchen, I might do an article about the pros and cons of getting the front of the kitchen raid down or completely pulling the thing out and putting it back in.

So what would I, what hashtag would I put? Well, I’d start going into Instagram and, and start to put in the terms kitchen renovation ideas and kitchen renovations. Try and find terms that aren’t too popular. People are still going to search for, and that’s the best way. 


So if someone’s going to type into Instagram kitchen ideas or you know, kitchen, kitchen renovation ideas, your Postmate come up and then they start following you and then away we go. So that’s the whole concept around hashtags. 


So what I would suggest that you to do is this, I would go and I would start searching for your main core services. You know, your main core things that you do. And I’d start searching in Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter and I’d start putting those terms in it. I find your generic ones that you’re going to have, find those and then put them.


If you’ve got an iPhone, put them into your notes. You know there’s the notes application, and then you’ve got those hashtags there all the time that you can actually copy and paste. So once you do that, then it’s easy. And then if you do something like famous kitchens or kitchen renovation tips or something completely different, that’s when you can search for something that’s going to be specific to your article or your posts that you’ve actually done. But you’re still going to put up those hashtags that are general to your business. 


Uh, how’d that make sense? That’s hashtags.




I don’t do a lot of hashtags on Facebook. I just think, you know, it does work. If I put a hashtag on Facebook, if I go up to the search, you could do this and the results. If I go up into the search results and I go hashtag um, you know, website design or hashtag social media or hashtag hashtags, hashtags, whatever that you wanted to do, it will work. But I just don’t know whether or not people are going to search that on Facebook. 


Yes. On Instagram, Instagram, definitely. Definitely on Twitter. Prove me wrong. If you’ve got a different opinion posted for me, I’d love to. I’d love to listen and, and get some ideas. Great talking to you today and I’ll talk to you very soon.


How To Stand Out With Your Products and Services

How To Stand Out With Your Products and Services

How To Stand Out With Your Products and Services



Hi guys, my care from M Business

Just wanted to chat to you again today with this topic in mind:


How to stand out. How to actually stand out from the crowd


You know, there are so many things going on in this crisis. Thus, it’s really important that we stand out, especially with our products and services, which is the most important.

I’m going to run you through what for me, like in sales, what it is that you sell it and how do you sell your product and services? And this can go to on your website. This can go with what you’re doing on Facebook. This can go with everything that we do on a daily basis, including our products and services and when we’re actually talking to our customers.

So I always think of the old Zig Ziglar:


How to actually stand out from the crowd


He’s an old sales trainer and uh, he always talked about the WIIFM and that is what’s in it for me. When someone comes to a person’s website or someone comes to your shop or someone comes to your service or whatever that they’re going to do, they are always thinking about what’s in it for me, me, me, me. 

So you have to be really, really clear with your website. Really, really clear when you’re talking what is in it for them. So when I say that, and when you’re selling something, selling is always about features, benefits and interests. When I talk about features, that’s the physical attribute, the physical attribute of the product or the service. 


The Role of FEATURE


Say if it’s a product, let’s just say if I had a pen, okay, what is the physical attribute of a pen? And I could say, you know, it’s long and slender. It’s got elements. It’s got a, you know, thing to put in your pocket. Um, uh, it’s got a cap on it.


The Role of Feature


There are certain features of what that is. So what’s the benefit?

Well, H feature should have a benefit to it. So H feature that you are on your product or service should have a benefit. So if you say we deliver, why is that a benefit?

Well, right now in our crisis, if we deliver, that’s something that’s a benefit. We can deliver it to your home. We can help you set up. We will go through step-by-step and show you how to do certain things. So that’s features, benefits.




Then there is interest. I always call this my FBI. You know, I think of FBI, it’s a good thing to remember and interest is why would someone be interested in that product or service rather than going to your competitor. 

What makes you stand out from the crowd? And you know, I talk about pens, um, you know, as the example of a product and can think of the pen, the physical, you can think of, say the physical attributes of the pen. These include things like, you know, the length of the pen and its ballpoint. 

Why is that important? 

All of those sorts of things. And I think of Kilometrico, you know, Papermate. When I was a kid.  There was an ad that said Kilometrico writes thousands and thousands of words. I don’t know if you remember the stupid song, but it got in my head. And so you know, that’s the interest of Kilometrico. Oh, it rides thousands and thousands of words. It’s better than any other product that’s on the market because of none of those products write thousands and thousands of words, but Papermate’s Kilometrico writes thousands and thousands of words.




It’s funny what you remember. I was one of those kids that always listened to adverts, you know, and always loved the ads. It’s weird because I remember the ads nearly more than the actual television shows of the seventies and eighties.


Your Homework


So what I want you to do is this. There’s a little bit of homework. If you really, really, really want to get a hold of this and really sell more of your products and services, especially coming in this tough time, wherein it is tougher to sell services. It is tougher to sell products. This is what you need to do. You need to choose five to 10 physical aspects of your Sprott acts and services. And then I want you to write down five to 10 benefits to that product or to that service. 

And then I want you to give me some five really good reasons why that is better than your competitors. What is it? But you know, why would somebody be interested in that rather than you competitors? What makes you stand out from the crowd? And the reason why? Because next time I talk to you, we’re going to go through the “elevator pitch”. We’re going to go through an elevator pitch. 

See, I can pull a killer Metro code pen and I can say on anything if I know the benefits, if I know the features, the benefits, the interest, I can even sell ice to Eskimos. You know what I mean? Because you’re pretty much saying this is the feature of the pen. So this beautiful pen, see this imaginary pen? It’s so good. It’s imaginary. This beautiful pen is actually so good that it’s designed to be able to slip into your pocket. 

It’s got a cap on it. So guess what? It doesn’t leak ink and it writes. You know, Kilometrico. Oh, it rides thousands and thousands of words and that’s so how good it is. 

If you could work out your features, your benefit, and why that person would be interested in your products and services, you can sell anything every, every other day in this thing.




This has been a trying time for us. So we really have to get down to those basic things that we’ve had and really refine our language. We need to refine our language on our websites. We need to refine our language on our products and services on Facebook and, and our social media. And we have to refine our language when we are actually talking to people face to face. 

This is it. This is how we can get through this. This is how we can get to the other end as, as the dominant provider of your service in your industry. Talk to you very soon.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

How to Stand Out from the Crowd



Hi everybody. Mike here from M Business and Tradie Australia.  Today I want to talk to you about how to stand out in this trying time and in this crisis moment that we’re in. 


How do we stand out above all the noise, above all the other services?


Everyone else’s ramping up! They’re sharing what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Bu So, how do we stand up if someone comes to you to and say, what makes you different? Why should we go with your services rather than the other people that are out there? What do you say? What is it that you do differently that other people don’t? 


Now you know, it’s simple. I’m not just talking about when a person asks you that, I’m actually talking about everything else. Like your business cards, you know, everything that represents you such as your 


  • Website
  • Facebook account
  • Google my business


It could be your van or it could be the front of your shop. 


What is it that makes you stand out above your competitors? 


So, you know, often I’ll go to a website and I’ll see services. The website might say, we will service all makes and models. We will do certain things. But this doesn’t excite me. You know what I’m trying to say. 



When you go on to somewhere and you see certain things, it doesn’t excite me to sort of go, because there is no “WOW” factor that set’s the person/business/trade above everybody else. They’re not giving anything extra. 


So today I want to go through four different things that can really help you with giving that X-FACTOR to help you stand out. What is it that’s going to make you that extraordinary to help you stand out against your competitors. 


Give a Guarantee


So number one I really believe is to give a guarantee. Now, growing up, I used to listen to that advert, which was American, what was it? The Federal Express, you know, and you do it with the American accent “when it absolutely positively has to be there overnight.”




Even in their actual mission statement, they guarantee that if you want to get it somewhere, it’s going to get there overnight. 


Similarly, the mission statement here at M Business in regards to websites and delivery is this, we say that “We get things done on time at a fixed price with no surprises.” That’s us going up against other website developers and other people in the industry. 


So what is it that makes you stand above you know, your competitors? So first of all, give a guarantee. Give something that, that gives that customer a feeling like, wow, that that gives me that feeling that I can trust this guy and he’s going to be able to do what he delivers. So that’s the first thing. 


Impeccable Customer Service


Second thing is, which I believe we’ve lost over the years, is the impeccable customer service. Now, you know, we, you know in the old days you used to go into what it was service station to get some petrol and you’d have driveway service and it was just incredible. 


I believe we’ve got to go back to the “the old school” method. We’ve got to do things differently to stand out. Some of the things that we can do are go back to that old school. Go back to handwritten messages.




Go back to doing things. I mean, this never fails. I’ve got customers that still do this where they’ll get a person’s birthday for one of their customers and they’ll send them a scratchy or they’ll send up a scratchy out and say, if you give us a referral or just a thank you,  they’ll give a scratchy or they’ll give something in return. 


All old fashioned customer service can’t go wrong. And not even that, just being courteous, just saying you, if you’re going to be somewhere at 10 o’clock, you’d be there at 10 o’clock. If you’re going to say that, you know it’s just taking that little extra. 


Be Innovative


So the third thing that I want to talk about is being innovative. That means constantly looking to be innovative. That’s what’s will put you above your customer. 


So what do I mean by that? Well, it’s a little bit like if you’re a pro surfer, you’re out on the wave. Being in Southeast Queensland, we know there’s probably a lot of surfers and you’re just waiting for that perfect wave. How do you wait for that perfect wave? And when do you know when to jump on that perfect wave? And it’s pretty much, it’s because you know the industry because you know certain things. 


So that’s what I encourage you to do right now. This is the most prime time to be innovative. There have been some innovative people that are already doing things that were previously doing distilleries but are now manufacturing hand sanitizers. 


I saw her in the news yesterday that there is a restaurant. It was an organic restaurant, you know, those types of cafes that are changed into an organic supermarket because they’ve had that extra stock. 




So right now it’s time to just change a little tiny bit. We talked about adjusting and all the rest of it, but start looking for that innovation. Start looking where you can get ahead. Where you can do things differently. How you can offer those products and services that are slightly above the rest, and maybe a niche that you might not have seen before. But now you see it, then you can go for it. 


Had the boldness to be able to go! Yeah, this is the time. 


If you’ve been in business long enough, you’re going to be able to be like that. That sailor on America’s cup that sort of goes, okay, he comes to when he comes to win, pick up the sales. Let’s take it. Let’s take it to the finish line. 


This is your moment. This is your moment to be innovative in your industry and really put your head above the water and be that next level. 


Solve Problems


The fourth thing that I say that’s really going to put your head it, is to solve problems. What I mean by that is this: A lot of us when we’re out, and we’ve been doing this for a long time, sometimes we forget the basics. Sometimes we forget to listen to our customers.


Sometimes we forget to sort of taking things one step back. Tag some more time with that customer. Ask more questions about what their problem actually is and do your 180% to solve that person’s problem and some. That’s that extra. It’s the extra that makes you extraordinary. It’s a bit like the customer service but it’s to solve the problem and to look and identify for other opportunities. 


So other words, you might be fixing something or you might be able to, you might be giving, some sort of a service to a client and then you see something else that’s gone wrong. Rather than just leaving it because you’re busy or you’ve got to get to that next client. 


You know, it’s those moments that you can be innovative and say, did you know that you know you’ve got a problem with X, Y, Z?  Did you know that if you don’t service that you may have a problem in the future?


Now, this might be like the ‘basics’, but when you are busy and when we were before, we probably didn’t do those things. You just got on with the next job because you are busy. But now things are starting to slow down. These are the times that we can sort of drawback a little bit more.


Ask more questions from our customers. Ask more areas that they’re wanting to develop and then deliver impeccable customer service and deliver on time without mistakes and then its the follow-up that’s needed. 




So let me just cover that again. Number one, give a guarantee. What is your guarantee? You know, it’s a bit like an elevator speech. Do you want, I mean, does everybody have an elevator speech?