Staying Relevant Through Impressions Marketing

Staying Relevant Through Impressions Marketing

Being on the internet is one thing but staying on the internet is another thing.


As the internet dramatically changes business transactions and linkages across the globe, one of the most potent fears of these businesses is how they can stay maintain their rank online. This is where impressions marketing comes into the picture.


Staying Relevant Through Impressions Marketing


This article shows the many benefits it can bring to your business and why you should start considering it in your marketing plan this 2020. 


What is Impressions marketing?


Video, banners and graphics ad is coined as impressions. Its success is measured quantitatively through the level of potential users seeing these ads.



Why Impressions marketing is the key?


Businesses use creative means and ways, such as advertisements and brand tags, in order to mark an impression. But why is this important?


Brand awareness is the ultimate goal and objective for a business who succumbed to social media, and impressions marketing paves way for its realization. 




The constant feeding of impressions is key to a brand’s success. These impressions lead to active engagements, which then results to brand awareness.


Impressions vs. Engagement vs. Reach


Engagements refer to the actions made by the end-users in relation to your ads, these are usually the comments, reactions, likes, and shares. Basically, engagements refer to reactions at the instance of the users.


Reach on the other hand is the same as impressions in the aspect that is quantifiable. However, reach refers to the number of users who saw your ad. While impressions are also quantifiable, it connotes to the number of times your content has appeared to online viewers.


Here’s an illustration to better distinguish these three from one another:


You posted a banner ad, 50 people saw your content, but 10 of them viewed it twice and commented on it.


In this case, a total of 50 people users were reached by your content, with 10  engagements but your measurement is that of the number of times the 50 people actually saw and viewed your content. Thus, the impression would be 60.



Why are Impressions important?



Based on the example above, numbers help businesses identify the magnitude of the content. These numbers could decide the fall or rise of your business. Since it takes 5 to 7 impressions in order for people to recognize your brand, it is important to note the organic numbers as to how many times your content has appeared in a day.


This gives you the power of control either to boost one content or to generate another one.



Although impressions are more of quantification, impressions in the long run also reveal the quality of your digital marketing strategy. It tracks the impact of your contents to your audience. Thus, the engagements and reach of your content could later become your basis of performance efficiency.


Are you interested to use impressions marketing for your business success this 2020? Let’s talk. Send us a message.

Should you choose SEO or PPC? To Pay or Not To Pay!

Should you choose SEO or PPC? To Pay or Not To Pay!

“I want to rank in Google Search.”

This is the common, if not the primary reason why people and businesses and hire the services of a digital marketing company. However, very few understand that ranking in Google entails several factors. This includes the following:

  •  High-quality content
  •  Reputable links
  •  Online reviews
  •  Degree of competition


These and other factors have to be taken into consideration by your chosen digital marketing company. Nevertheless, all of these requires T-I-M-E, before you can see results. That is if you are pushing on Organic SEO build-up. 




It’s because your digital marketing company in Queensland will need to build on links, produce high-quality content, and engage clients to give your more positive reviews online. That doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it may take 6 months or longer, especially if you are on a very competitive keyword niche.


Should you choose SEO or PPC To Pay or Not To Pay



But I WANT TO RANK NOW! Is there a way?

There is a way! Spend via Google Ads.

Yes! There is a good reason why Google is investing time and effort in ensuring it only delivers the best content providers when you perform a Google search. This is to give the best user experience to anyone searching for products and services online. Thus, if you want a shortcut to this algorithmic patterned design by the Google Masters, then you need to pay.

How much do I need to pay?

It varies depending on the keyword you have selected. To give you an overview of how much these Google Ads generally would cost, see the table below:


When is it worth doing a Google Ads?

To be honest, not because you have the money to spend you should immediately hop on into Google Ads. Do so if and only if you have the following factors checked:


A Clear Unique Selling Proposition

You may land a top spot in Google due to your paid ads, but without a clear proposition to sell to your target market, it will end up a fluke. So sit down and know what you wish to offer to your potential clients or customers. It could be one or something similar to the below:

Real Cost of Google Adword

  •  50% off on all XXX
  •  Buy one take one
  •  20% discount only until xxx
  •  Refer a friend and get xxx
  •  FREE first-month subscription 


It has to be something realizable for your customers to easily identify themselves with the offer you are pitching to them.  


Target Market: Location

Where will these ads show? Rather than putting an entire country, choose state or towns. In this way, you can better target your market. 


How much are you willing to spend

Lastly, how much are you willing to spend before you start getting the Return of Your Investment (ROI). Will it be 300 AUD in a month or 300 AUD in a week? 

Telling your digital marketing company of choice these details will help them show you how much your ads will reach. Thus, not giving you false expectations.



Although Google Paid Search seems very inviting because it’s easy and more convenient, investing in an Organic SEO campaign has proven to be more profitable in the long run. Keywords that are properly optimised often stay on top of page results for a longer period.

How long?

It is not surprising to see a keyword stay on top of these organic search results for a year to three years. That is unless other competitors have done their job in optimising the same set of keywords for another company.

Nevertheless, if you are beating the holiday rush and wish to get the attention of more customers to land that sale, then go ahead and choose a
Google Paid Campaign. Just be mindful with how it converting your leads.

Got more questions with SEO and paid searches? Let’s talk. Schedule an appointment with us. 

5 Things to Consider to Make Your Website Ready for Google Search

5 Things to Consider to Make Your Website Ready for Google Search

5 Things to Consider to Make Your Website Ready for Google Search


Is your website prepared to become listed in Google search?


Have you performed actions that will ensure that your website is known by Google?


If not yet, then read on to know how you can make your website appear on Google Search.


If Google does not know about your website, chances are, your potential clients won’t recognise you too. Being known by Google and appearing in Google Search is important for your site’s visibility. So let us show you how to make your website known by the famous Google.


Let’s move forward. To make sure that your website appears on Google search, below are the things that you need to consider.


1. Is Google familiar with your website?


This is the first thing you need to consider to ensure that your website will be listed on Google search. Google needs to know about your website, therefore, introduce it to Google.


Here’s what you can do:


  • Perform a site column search for your domain. A site column is a reusable column which you can assign to different multiple share points sites. If your site isn’t showing up, then Google might not know about your website.
  • Use Google Search Console, especially if you have a new website. You can go to Google search console, verify your ownership and submit your site. Then, Google will be able to recognise your other pages.
  • Use Google My Business (GMB) to easily locate your physical store. In GMB, you can easily add information about your business such as store hours, address, contact info, and a map for direction. GMB is free to use just make sure to keep your business information updated from time to time.


Now, after making sure that your website will appear on Google Search, here are the next things that you need to consider to prepare your website.


2. Is your website filled with high-quality content? Are you sure that you’re providing the best experience?


To make sure that your website will appear on Google search, see to it that it answers the questions above.


Focus on the things that make your business attractive, worthy, and unique. By doing this, you’ll be able to make your website stand-out in Google search. Just make sure to follow the webmaster guideline to avoid violating it, thus, increase your site’s ranking.


It’ll be a good idea to ask an SEO professional to help you with this. They know the standard policies and best practices to use.


Do you need help with blogging or content marketing? We can help. Learn more about our content marketing package.


3. Does your website load fast, easy to navigate, mobile-user friendly, and can be accessed to any device?


Did you know that most google searches nowadays happen in mobile? Yes. according to ROI.COM.AU, 57% of all the search traffic on Google comes from mobile devices. So making your website suitable for mobile devices is a must.


To check if your site is loading quickly on a mobile device, go to checker.


Let us check your website for you. Learn more about how we can make that happen: ONE STOP WEBSITE SOLUTION. 


4. Is your website safe to browse?


Internet users are now keen when it comes to safe browsing online. They value their information’s security. So, is your website safe from cybercriminals? Is the information taken from your visitors secured?


To makes sure that your website is safe, use a secure https connection. M Business can help you keep your site protected and free from suspicious malware that can put your visitor’s information at risk. Send us a message, we’re here to help. Read more about this topic, here


5. Are you planning to hire someone to work on your behalf?


This will be a good idea since SEO professionals know how to properly optimise websites and make your rankings higher.


With SEOs proper knowledge on the online industry, they’ll be able to take necessary actions to ensure that your website is prepared, thus, appears on Google search. Optimising your website can become stressful at times, especially for people who don’t have the right understanding. So hiring an SEO professional is beneficial for you and your business.


Is your website ready now to appear on Google search?

Should you need professional assistance. Send us a message otherwise like our Facebook page to remain posted with the latest SEO news and updates.