The digital marketing world is continuously developing and growing. Each year different strategies arise. Thus, it’s important for digital marketing companies to be updated with the latest trends. 


Leave 2019 and blend in with these 2020 digital marketing trends


So what’s in store for us this 2020? Here is the latest buzz in the digital marketing world:


Voice search marketing

Just imagine how easier it will be for you and your potential consumers to get to know your products and services through
voice search marketing. Some even say that this can actually be the next BIG thing in the digital marketing industry.

The use of voice assistants such as
Siri, Alexa, and Google Home has skyrocketed since their first introduction in the market. From just playing your favourite music, now these are used to order and buy products online. So unless your business will not adapt to this latest trend, you will find yourself left behind by the competition. 

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Customer-centric marketing

Personalised marketing ad campaigns is not new to digital marketers. But thanks to the help of AI and machine learning systems; it is now easier to know your customer’s preferences. 


This is what customer-centric marketing looks like. You can centralise your products and services promotion to your potential customers based on the collected data through AI. You’ll be able to gather information through trending sales, social media feeds, CRM data, historical transaction data, and competitive info.


With the capability to better understand consumer’s behaviour, you’ll be able to create and adjust your labels in a customer-centric way, thus generate more conversions for your company.


That’s great to hear right? However, do ensure you have a Privacy Policy clearly stated on your website to avoid being penalised by LAW.


Google AdWords


Google AdWords is known to be one of the big guys that continuously advances in the digital marketing industry. The typical pay per click (PPC) and generic keywords are now out of fashion – Google’s new features now revolves on customer-centric marketing and machine learning.


One of Google’s latest feature is the smart display campaign – where the advertisers are allowed to use almost all formats in presenting their ads in Google Display Network. Your ads will be shown during the consumer’s buying cycle. It’ll be able to reach people with interest and those who are ready to buy.


This Google feature combines three (3) optimisation technologies which are:


  • Automated bidding
  • Automated targeting
  • Automated ad creation

These can help you in attracting more customer, thus leads to higher conversion.

With these new digital marketing trends coming in the market, we can say that we are now looking forward to a more authentic, analytical, and responsive brand spreading in the year 2020.


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