Say NO to DIY Website Design | Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Website

Say NO to DIY Website Design | Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Website

With many free template builders that can help you build your own website in just a few hours, it is tempting to simply do it on your own. But you shouldn’t give in to this temptation as it will lead you to more headaches in the future. This is unless  you are a seasoned web developer or web designer yourself.

Say NO to DIY Website Design | Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Website

What are the dangers that go with a DIY website design? Here are some of these:


Lack of Beauty


According to SAGipl, about 66% of users will prefer beauty over plain design in a matter of 15 minutes. So, if your website does not have that “A” factor that will make it stand out from the competition, there is a big chance that they will leave your site and choose a different one. 


Yes! You have the power to do it with DIY websites. But only skilled and qualified web designer in Toowoomba or Brisbane can do this perfectly for you. 


Thus, rather than gamble with an inferior layout and jumbled colours mixed into your website due to limited features and tools, let the professionals handle it. 


Decreased Conversion Rate


You must be wondering how a DIY website can affect your conversion rate. Well, here is something you need to know. 


Web designers consider a buyer’s journey whenever they design a website. This includes the placement of your nav bar, the colour of your buttons, the location of your forms and even the type and size of the fonts that you are going to use. It took them years to know the perfect formula that will ensure your website will have increased conversion.


This is something DIY website design templates can handle. It is something that these professional website design experts have earned through their years of experience. 


Say Goodbye to Security and Support


This is probably one of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t have  a DIY website – SECURITY and SUPPORT. 


At an average, more than 30,000 websites are hacked each day. This makes website security an absolute must for any website owner.


Surely! You can create your own website but maintaining and securing it is free from website hackers is another thing. With professional website developers, you are guaranteed they will keep your website secured so long as you are working with them. Some may even give you free hosting services for their packaged services. This ensures you can focus on the core of your business while they design a beautiful website that works for your business.


These are just three reasons why you shouldn’t do a DIY website for your Toowoomba, Brisbane, Warwick, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and other cities in Queensland. Let us help you design and develop your website. Learn more about our services.

How often should I redesign my Toowoomba or Brisbane website?

How often should I redesign my Toowoomba or Brisbane website?

Change is a constant thing in our world, especially at this time where everything is fast phasing. You and your business must always be up to date as it is significant to your business’ success. 



How often should I redesign my website in Toowoomba and Brisbane

If you have a website in Brisbane or Toowoomba, then it is better keep it enticing by adding colourful visuals, fresh content, and exciting deals. But how often do you need to redesign it? Check the following factors, listed below:


It looks outdated

Time is changing, as well as how the new era’s websites. If your site looks like from the prehistoric age – where the visuals and content seem older than time – your users won’t be able to get the gist of your business.

Your websites represent you and your business. If it is disorganised, outdated, hard to understand, and the visual is unappealing – your users will leave and choose another side. It must be clean, modern, visually appealing, and easy to understand to keep your users hooked.

Also, ensure that your site is using the latest standards, codes, and technology. Keep your site running under modern web standards and practices in Toowoomba and Brisbane. This can affect the speed and ranking of your site.


You can’t manage it alone

Does your site run with CMS or content management system? If yes, then it is easy for you to manage your site. But if you have a lot on your plate then you need a professional website manager.


It is not mobile-friendly

The rate of mobile users in Toowoomba and Brisbane keeps on rising. So your website must be mobile user-friendly. More people are on their phones rather than their laptops or desktops. They like to access almost everything now through their mobile phones because it’s easier and handy.

Make sure that your website is easy to use for mobile users. The sites that are mobile user-friendly have higher rank sites in Google.

Now, if your website doesn’t have issues like what was mentioned above – here are the other factors you can check on. Try to consider these things.


Website and goal alignment

Is your site aligned with your goals? Wait, do you even know what your goal is? Try to list down them now and align them to your site’s work.

Ask yourself. Do you want to showcase your work? Or do you want to get leads? Make sure that your website’s content targets your set of goals. If you want to show your workmanship, try adding image gallery and testimonials of it. If your goal is to get leads, perhaps try a marketing strategy to your website. Make your site work for you and reach your goals.


Get your head on the game

You might be falling behind the competition. Have you checked your competitors’ site lately? How does it look? What do they offer? Is there anything new?

Don’t be afraid to check on them. This will give you a hint on what you can do to get ahead in the game. Don’t let your site fall behind. If your site seems to be behind them, consider changes. Go on and take new steps forward.

Check to see our portfolios


Low site ranking

Does your site shows on top of the list or even on the first page of google? Or it shows far below? Don’t let your website’s rank be pushed down below. Work on your SEO and content to be and kept on that first place.


Incorrect audience

Is your website tailored to its targeted audience? For what age is it for? Is it for the adults or for the Millenials in Toowoomba and Brisbane? Make sure that your website’s content is focused on the age group it’s targeting. Research about your audience and how your site can be inviting to them.


Always take new steps. You’ll need it. Go on and keep improving your contents and visual. Don’t let your website be stuck to where it started. Keep with the phase of the internet world and don’t let your website fall behind.

You might not need a new website for now but you will surely need one soon. The internet world keeps on changing. Advancement and improvements are everywhere. Redesign your website as often as you need to. To reach goals and target the correct audience. Make it work for you. Change is not bad, especially if it will keep you on top.

How Can A Toowoomba-Brisbane Digital Advertising Strategy Help Your Business

How Can A Toowoomba-Brisbane Digital Advertising Strategy Help Your Business

How Can A Toowoomba-Brisbane Digital Advertising Strategy Help Your Business



Last Monday, we have discussed how early planning can help you better prepare for the holiday season. Today, we share with you the many advantages and benefits a digital advertising strategy can bring to your Toowoomba-Brisbane campaign. Read on to know more. 


Choose your digital advertising strategy


Here are the most popular digital channels you can use for your holiday campaign:



Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is an effective choice to market your promotions during the holidays. 

How does it help?


Let’s look at the facts first. 

Approximately 2% of first-time website visitors buy or complete a form online. So what happens to the remaining 98%? Where do they go?

They go and search around hoping to find other deals. Before you know it, they wouldn’t even remember they have visited your website. 

Retargetting helps remind them that they have once shown interest in one of your products or services.This is done through the “cookie” that is set on their browser. Thus, they are constantly reminded that they have looked at one of your products and services.   


Email marketing

Email marketing requires a strategic approach. Otherwise, your efforts can easily go to waste.

So how do you make it work towards your advantage?

Begin by analysing your database. Divide it based n your customer’s buying history. See what they like. Then craft a unique newsletter that will fit the taste and preferences of these groups.

You may also send them holiday wishes as part of keeping in touch with them. 


Pay per click (Google Ad Words)

Running a campaign through google ad words can maximise your sale during the holiday season. This will make your business stay visible on the search result on Google, especially if you have very competitive keywords.

Let us help you run your Google Ad Words campaign. Talk to us


Social media

Make sure to have a regular post on schedule especially for your:

  • Holiday promotions
  • Product sales
  • Other business updates

Make a schedule of what to post on your business accounts. Use your business social media account to advertise your products and create a good connection with your customers.

You may need to hire additional staff for this one to help your social media accounts updated. The festive season is hectic, your staff can cover up the posts and responds to customer’s inquiries for you.

Don’t have time to manage your social media profiles? We can do it for you. Learn more


Blog post

Plan your blog post. Make sure to promote your products that are in the season. Your customer will be looking for it. 

Don’t have a blogger to write these for you? Let us strategically craft engaging blog posts for your business. Learn more about the importance of blogging to your SEO ranking, today. 


Prepare your website


Make sure to check the following for your website:

  • Is your website mobile user-friendly? More people are now using their phone to shop online.
  • Is your site ready for the traffic? You should expect a burst in the website traffic during holiday seasons.
  • Have you checked your order/inquiry forms and check out process? Make sure that it is all working fast.
  • Are your sites loading fast? 
  • A survey from Google found that 47% of consumers in Australia leaves a page that takes loading longer than 3 seconds. So make sure to test and prepare your website’s loading process.
  • Check for broken links in your website.
  • State clearly the cut off dates of orders and delivery. Also, include your operating hours. If possible, add an order online, delivery, and store pick-up options.  

Get these things in order so your customers will have a pleasant experience with your website. This will make them come back for more.


Need help with website redesign? Learn more about our New Financial Year Sale Offer


Take note of the important holiday dates

Make sure to pin these dates on your work boards. This will make you reminded of the festive events and get your business ready for each of them.

  • Queen’s birthday
  • Melbourne cup
  • Australia day
  • Hanukkah
  • October fest
  • Halloween
  • Christmas eve
  • Christmas day
  • Boxing day
  • New years eve
  • New years day
  • Chinese new year
  • Back to school




Hopefully, you can take on these tips and make yourself and your business ready for the happiest, busiest, and the most festive quarter of the year. Make sure to not forget to offer a return policy, extended warranties, and exchange policies. Also, adding other payment methods such as paying with credit cards can help you get ahead of the game.

Your business’ operation is important. Take these tips and be prepared but do not forget to enjoy the festive seasons with your loved ones! Happy holidays!

How to Prepare Your Brisbane and Toowoomba Business for the Coming Holiday Season

How to Prepare Your Brisbane and Toowoomba Business for the Coming Holiday Season

The early bird does catch the worm, especially in the business set-up. So, if you think of planning a month before the holiday season starts, you better rethink your business strategy in Brisbane and Toowoomba. To help you, we have listed some tips that will help you get more sales this coming holiday.

How to Prepare Your Brisbane and Toowoomba Business for the Coming Holiday Season

Analyse your past data

Arm yourself with enough information. Start asking these following questions:

  1. What was your best sellers last year?
  2. Which was the busiest days and time of the holiday season?
  3. Which campaigns made the biggest impact on your sales?
  4. Where did the website traffic and inquiries come from?
  5. How did you measure last year’s success?

Analysing your past business data, you’ll be able to see if there’s any progress or success. You will also see the culprit behind your losses and gains in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Thus, proper analysis and tracking of your data is the first step you should consider in setting the directions for your campaign’s success. 


Organise your products and inventory

Check your product inventory list. Organise them before hitting the holiday. 

Make sure to check on the following:

  • Do you have a new holiday theme for your website in Brisbane and Toowoomba?
  • Do you have special holiday promotions, freebies, clearance sales, name/package personalisation, vouchers, charity donations, gift wrappings/boxes, or free shipping?
  • Do your product suppliers close stores at a specific or at all holiday season?
  • Do you have a backup supplier in case you run out of stock?
  • Do you need to create new product categories on your site?

Incorporate these in your holiday campaign. Plan it in advance so you won’t be scrambling your schedules when the holiday season in Brisbane and Toowoomba begins. 

Create a season’s campaign calendar

After you analyse which worked and didn’t work for you, create a campaign calendar for the holiday. This will include the dates for your promotions, channels to use, and goals for your marketing messages. Don’t forget to include:

  • Printed posters
  • Flyers
  • Table talkers
  • Seasons menu

That’s just the part one of our tips on how you can prepare your business for the holiday season. Read our next blog to know how digital marketing can help you with your campaigns.