Backlinks for SEO: Is it still in or not?

Backlinks for SEO: Is it still in or not?

Backlinks for SEO: Is it still in or not?

For almost a decade, the debate whether or not backlinks still matter or not is yet to end. You’ll see numerous discussions giving their points of view regarding this matter.

Today, we’ll highlight the points share by these SEO famous personalities and share our own piece of mind at the end of the discussion. Nevertheless, the decision to accept or not to accept our conclusion is pretty much left for you do decide. We are just here to share with you what we have gathered online.

Matt Cutts: YES
(Former Web Spam Team Head at Google and current Administrator of the United States Digital Service)

“Backlinks have many years of viable use left, however, the shift of search engine development is focused towards recognizing quality content and conversational search structure so that it can more effectively communicate with users like a “star trek computer”. He does confirm, however, that they will become less important in the coming months than they are right now, or were in the past.”

Brian Dean: YES
(Author of Backlinko)

Last year we analyzed 1 million Google search results. And we found that links impacted rankings more than any other factor.

Number of referring domains - SEO Marketing

Google Top 3 Search Ranking - SEO Marketing

Andrey Lipattsev: YES
Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google

In a Q&A with Google, Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said the other two factors were links and content:

“I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site.”

So that’s the 3 YES we have found for you. How about the NO’s?

Quick Sprout: NO, rather focus on the user experience

If you can create the best product/service and write the best content out there, you will be helping users. Eventually, Google will see this, and your rankings will climb. You may not see the best results in the short run, but over time things will get

Eric Ward has created this content a few years back. It is the time when backlinking has been heavily criticised. But, we take his side when he stated:

“For every tactic you tell me is good, I can show you how it could be bad. For every tactic you tell me is wrong, I can find a scenario where it could be right. And this isn’t news. It’s always been this way. There has never been a shortage of link builders, but there has always been a shortage of content linking strategists who recognize search is just one piece of the linking puzzle and know what to do about it.”

There is truly no shortage of link builders up to the present. Why? Because it is an important element for any SEO campaign. Sadly, the BIG problem is how to get the right content.

We are running out of high-quality bloggers, content writers and guest posters. Thus, link building is said to be dying.

It may be dying, not because it is not needed, but only because we are seeing less and less high-quality writers who can create notable content that is worth reading.

So what’s our take?

Link Building for SEO is here to stay. The challenge is finding the right company who does link building the right way for you.

We are happy to let you try our services. Call us or send us a message via our FB page.

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Ethical vs Unethical Digital Marketing Toowoomba Tactics

Ethical vs Unethical Digital Marketing Toowoomba Tactics

Ethical vs Unethical Digital Marketing Toowoomba Tactics

Everyone wants to get the number one spot in both Google and Bing for their chosen keyword.

It’s not a big surprise, especially for someone who knows the benefit of being on top of these search results. Thus, the reason why they seek help from professional digital marketing Toowoomba agencies.

However, not all digital marketing agencies in Toowoomba deliver the results they expect. Some are only eager to increase their sales without carefully analyzing the backend of the website they are going to redesign.

Noam Judah, founder of SEO Melbourne shared his insights about such practices:

“Many businesses are already ranked organically on Google and some digital marketing agencies often pitch new design concepts, but in the planning and execution, strip away all of that previous valuable content and metadata that Google has previously indexed them for.”

“Agencies can also be too eager to sign on clients for an ongoing SEO campaign before checking the website’s crucial functions, like whether it is mobile friendly. Often, sales executives are driven by pressing monthly sales KPI targets to achieve, which comes at the expense of what is in the best interest of the client.”

With this in mind, businesses in Toowoomba should be more careful in selecting the digital marketing Toowoomba agency they are going to deal with. Otherwise, they may only fall prey to the unethical practices of some of these “bogus” agencies.

How to choose a digital marketing Toowoomba agency with ethical SEO tactics

One of the best ways to spot a digital agency Toowoomba that practices ethical SEO tactics is to look at their existing clients.

  • Are they able to rank the keywords set by these clients?
  • How long have these companies worked with this digital marketing agency in Toowoomba?
  • How are they being reviewed by organisations?
  • Do they have a local office you can visit or call for a meeting?

Consider these questions before hiring the services of a digital marketing Toowoomba agency. Better yet, check their website to know more about their services.

How to Use Image SEO to Boost Your Page Rank

How to Use Image SEO to Boost Your Page Rank

How to Use Image SEO to Boost Your Page Rank
Everything on the internet is either a piece of content or a link (between pieces of content). – Business2CommunityThis is a fact. Thus, even the images you place on your blogs, news and website matters a lot, especially if you wish your website to rank in Google and Bing.

How does Image SEO help in this aspect?

By providing Google Bots with a clear idea of how your website is structured, it enables them to easily crawl your website. This often results in higher page rank results. What does this imply? This means including how you format, name and position the images you place on your website. So where do you start?

Reduce Image Sizes

You start by reducing your image sizes because this affects your site’s overall speed. Of course, the slower the loading time your page takes, the less likely it will be ranked higher.

Scale the Sizes of your Images

Not all websites are created equal, especially if you are using different CMS such as

  • Wordress
  • Joomla
  • Magento

Know the best size that will best fit your website, which will scale down.

Refrain from Stock Photos

We all understand that using stock photos are easier and faster. But, if you want to get the approval of Google, it’s better to use original image content. Not only will it make your images unique, but it also helps in your branding. Never forget your Alt tags, Titles and Captions Do due diligence when publishing your image. This entails ensuring they have appropriate titles, captions and alt text relevant to the keyword and topic of the web page. Otherwise, you may find these images pulling your ranking down, rather than helping it move up. These are just some SEO image tips you may consider that can help you compete online. For more of your questions and queries, send us a message. Otherwise, leave a comment in the box below. Cheers!