SEO vs SEM: Learning The Pros and Cons For Your Business

SEO vs SEM: Learning The Pros and Cons For Your Business

For a very long time, we have been using search engines to look for information, whether it may be about a certain topic, person or company. Search engines have helped us gather information, learn things and find solutions. If you have a business, there is a chance that prospective clients are using search engines to look for you. Search engines can help drive traffic which could in turn convert into sales. In order to gain the exposure needed by your business, you can make use of two powerful methods: SEO and SEM.

Search engine optimization or often referred to as SEO is the process of optimizing your website in order for it to appear on search engine results pages and drive more organic traffic towards it. On the other hand, search engine marketing or SEM is the process of paying for ad listings to drive more traffic to your website. It is also another term for pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

If you don’t know where to start, the pros and cons of both SEO and SEM that we will discuss in the next paragraphs will help you get a better understanding of these two methods.

Pros of SEO

A lot of people say that SEO is the best online marketing method to use. Even if search engines have upped their game and improved their algorithms to deliver quality search results, SEO is still very effective. Here’s why:


With SEO, your brand will appear in the search results whenever a user searches for your targeted keywords. The more you show up in the search results for your target keywords, the higher people’s awareness of your brand is. It could also give users an impression of you being a market authority. You will become the resource that users visit for useful information, increasing people’s trust on your brand.


Since your website shows up on relevant searches, the traffic that will be driven towards your website are people who are really interested about your products and/or services. Once your website is ranking for the right keywords, you will get a continuous flow of traffic.


Just like any other marketing methods, you will spend a significant amount of money for your SEO campaign but the costs are pretty much lower than other methods. The amount you spend will really depend on your target market. Still, don’t be disappointed! With SEO, you can easily make changes in your campaign to achieve your desired results without losing much money. This gives you better return on investment over time.

Click-Through Rate

Even though click-through rates are affected by various factors, there is still a higher chance that you will get more clicks on the organic results. As long as you continue to improve your rankings on the search engine results pages, you will get a bigger amount of traffic for a long time.

Cons of SEO

SEO can deliver the results you wanted but it still has a few disadvantages.


If you are still starting, it will take some time before you achieve your desired results. You will have to figure out the right keywords and a good strategy for your SEO campaign. Results could take a month or more to show up.


The keywords that you’ve chosen could be dominated by established businesses. As they have already built their way to the top, it could be difficult to dethrone your competition.


Your SEO campaign has to be done on a regular basis. This means that you will have to regularly do link building, provide quality content and much more. Your efforts have to be nonstop.

Pros of SEM

SEM has been widely used in promoting businesses online because of the advantages that it could offer. Some of these advantages are:


One of the best things about SEM is that you will have more control on the results that you wanted to achieve. You can make changes to every detail in your ad and test it out to assess its performance. With better control, you can ensure that you get better click-through rates.

Enticing Ads

Unlike SEO, you can be more promotional or persuasive with your message. You can showcase your products better since you can include a picture in the ad listings. This visual element makes your ad more enticing, therefore increasing click-through rate, traffic and lead conversion.


With SEM, you will have better control over the amount you spend on ad listings. You can start with a small amount so that there is less at stake. When you get better results, you can slowly increase the amount you are willing to spend on ad listings.


PPC ads can get you your desired results much faster. You can also tweak your campaign and fix problems in just a short time. It is not like SEO in which you have to be more committed and patient towards your campaign.

Cons of SEM

Even if SEM has a lot of advantages to offer. It still has its own fair share of disadvantages.


No matter how much control you have over your budget for ad listings, it can still get expensive especially when you are not careful with your ads. You need to set up and test your ads properly so you can achieve better returns and prevent losses. Your budget may be set a lower amount but the costs will keep growing over time.


In relation to the previous statement, even if you have the right ads, SEM can still be expensive as it requires continual investment. You have to continuously spend money in order for you to also continuously get the results you wanted.


With SEM, your competitors can easily check what you’re doing. The ads you run will be out there in the open. This means that your competitors can freely see the keywords you’re using and the landing pages of your ads. This makes it easy for them to assess your campaign and create a more successful one.

What Method Should You Choose?

Just like any other marketing methods, SEO and SEM both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you wanted to take things slow and wanted to establish your brand in a more natural way, SEO can be the ideal option. If you wanted to compete with other businesses in your industry and get instant results, SEM can bring better results for you. You can also use both SEO and SEM to cover up both of its shortcomings. By balancing the two methods, you can achieve quick, long term results. The method you choose will depend entirely on your marketing goals. That is why it is important to find out what your goals for your business are.

Talk to our experts here at M Business and Marketing Solutions and we will guide you towards the right solution.

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How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business

How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Business

A lot of people are using social media these days. It is said that there are 2.19 billion active Facebook users each month. With the number of people using social media, business owners have found another platform to promote their brand and connect with their target audience.

How about you? Do you have your social media profiles ready? Why not take advantage and set up your social media profiles today? If you are still hesitant, continue reading this article. We will share to you how social media can help in achieving success for your business.


There are billions of people using social media. Considering the number of active social media users around the world, these people can be the same people that walk through your establishment. These people can be the same people that call you to enquire about your services. When you have social media profiles for your business, connecting with these people can be done without any hassle.


When you compare it to the traditional methods of business advertising, social media ads are much cheaper. Social media is just like search engines which has algorithms to help filter what users see. These algorithms are advantageous in reaching your target audience. You can specify the demographics you want to target and let social media do its job. You can easily increase brand recognition without having to spend a fortune on advertising your brand.


Social media users do not just create social media accounts just to have it. They really are active on social media. They spend time checking their social media accounts multiple times in a day. When you use social media in promoting your business, social media users can see your ads and/or posts in their newsfeed several times in a week. By the time they are looking for products and/or services, they will be able to remember your brand.


Considering the fact that there are a lot of people using social media nowadays, you can easily reach your customers and more of your target audience. People of all ages use social media. So, regardless of how young or old your audience can be, what their gender preference is, or where they are located around the world, they are all on social media. You may not know it but they could have just been waiting for you to have your social media profiles set up for them to know more about your brand.


Unlike TV ads where your air time can be limited and billboards wherein more words can just clutter your ad, you can share more details about your business on social media. Prospective customers would like to learn more about a brand before they purchase products or hire it for its services. When you set up your social media profile, you can indicate what your business offers, its address, contact numbers, links to other social media profiles and more. You can also update your contact information in just a few clicks. You may not be aware but search engine robots crawl into social media sites. This means that your social media profiles and posts can show up when a user searches for your brand and related products and/or services using Google and other major search engines.


With social media, your business can get the word out easily. This can provide you the exposure that your brand may be lacking. Since there are a lot of social media users, you will have better opportunity to be seen by your target audience and have better relationships with them. Some of the followers you have on social media may have purchased your product or hired your services in the past. As you have your social media profile, they will surely tell more of their friends or colleagues about you.


On social media, it is easy to send a private message or even comment on your posts. This could encourage better communication for you and your customers. It will be easier to collect customer feedback as they can share their ideas and opinion through comments. They can also send you a message whenever they have questions about your products and/or services. You will also be able to respond to them quickly and without any worries that they may not be able to see your response.


Customer service is of great importance no matter how small or large your business is. Customers like it when you can respond to their questions and concerns faster. Set up social media profiles and improve your quality of customer service. As you will receive notifications whenever a user comments on your posts or sends you a message, no feedback and enquiries will go unnoticed. Being able to respond fast can also improve people’s impression of your brand. They will have this impression that, in case they will encounter problems, you will be able to provide the help they need.


One of the features of social media networks is the ability to share your newsletter to your followers. Your target audience can subscribe to your email list and receive newsletter from you. Email marketing and social media marketing can be a powerful duo for businesses. These are the two main platforms in which you can connect with current and new customers alike. This helps you to reach more of your target audience further.


People use their smartphones to check their social media accounts. This provides them hassle-free access knowing that they will be able to connect to the world wherever they are. People also use their smartphones whenever they are looking for products to buy or a place to dine on the go. Knowing about that, your social media presence can improve your chances for your business to be found.

What are you waiting for?

Now that we’ve discussed how social media can help with business success, it is time to step up the game and be active on social media. Connect with your target audience effectively by posting on a regular basis about new products and/or services and any updates your business may have. Improve your customer service by responding to your customer’s concerns and enquiries.

If you need more expert advice on this matter, feel free to contact us here at M Business & Marketing Solutions.

8 Powerful Reasons To Use Video For Marketing

8 Powerful Reasons To Use Video For Marketing

In order for your business to survive in the competitive market, you have to make sure that your brand stands out from the rest. You can convey your brand’s message through marketing. There are already a lot of methods for a business to market their products and/or services. You can choose from billboards, TV ads, magazines and more. Nowadays, professionals and business owners allocate a certain portion of their marketing budget in creating videos that promote their products and/or services. If you are looking for new marketing ideas, why not try video promotion?

Videos offer a lot of advantages and can be used extensively for brand promotion. You may be asking yourself now: “will I be able to do it?”, “do I have enough marketing budget?”, “is it really worth considering?” If you are still in doubt of the benefits of video marketing, here are great reasons why the use of video for marketing has been in demand these days:


One of the main reasons for the increasing use of videos for marketing is the fact that people like to watch different types of videos. Instead of reading news or articles, people would prefer to go to YouTube or stream videos on various websites. This is proven in the Business Insider report in which they indicated that people view more than 500 million hours of videos each day. If you plan on using videos for marketing, just imagine how many people would watch it. It can work wonders for your business especially when the video is created well.


With videos, you can reach out to a lot of people in just a short span of time. Unlike billboards in which you have to place an ad in different locations across the country for your ad or message to be seen by people, videos can be uploaded on 1 website and people from different locations will be able to view it. As you will not have multiple location placements compared to other mediums of marketing, you will end up saving a lot of money. There is also a chance that your video will go viral and gain a lot of views. This will help increase brand recognition.


Videos appeal to several human senses. It makes use of our audio and visual senses which allows your message to be conveyed to the audience effectively. Through this, the people watching the video will have a better understanding of your video. When you compare it to articles, a person will have to read each word attentively and will have to really understand what they are reading. When you compare that to a video, your message in the video will require less attention from people yet the message can still be retained in their mind.


When you add a video on your website, this will help decrease website’s bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of users that visit your website and navigate away without even checking other pages. It is one of the factors that search engines look into for relevancy. The more time a user spends on your website, the lower your bounce rate gets. The lower the bounce rate, the more relevant your website to the keyword entered by the user. When you have a video on your website, users will be interested in watching it instead of going to another website. As they watch the video, the time they spend on your website increases.


There are various types of software that can be used in using videos. Some can even be used for free. If you would also like to invest on hardware for video creation, you can also purchase it for an affordable price. Because of these, producing videos has become much more cheaper. For those who prefer to hire a professional on video production, their services are also available in reasonable prices. You won’t have to spend a lot of money just to have 1 video produced for your company.


People know that it takes a lot of time and effort just to create one single video. You will be able to impress and win your target audience easily as they will have an impression that you had spend much time in creating your image and in capturing their attention. We all know that first impression matters, making people trust you easily. This would really bring in a favorable image to your company.


When you use search engines like Google, you may have noticed it that related videos are usually on the upper portion of the search results. Related videos are given a higher priority compared to audio, image or text files. Since videos have a higher priority, you will be able to pass your message to your target audience much easier. This will, in turn, help your website to rank higher on search engine results. Your brand will also become more noticeable to people, not just to your target audience.


The marketing video you created will be there for a long time. As videos last, you can even reupload it with less hassle and expense on your part. And because videos last, your exposure also increases. With time, you will be able to get more views on your video and more exposure for your brand. Billboards and TV ads gets boring and die out in a short period of time. The opposite happens with videos, particularly viral ones. You will be able to take advantage of the benefits for many years.

People these days are always hungry for information. However, they are not as patient enough to spend more time on it. They want the information fast. With the use of videos, you will be able to convey your message quickly. You will be able to promote your brand, products and/or services in very little time. As long as your videos are well-made and organized, you will be able to reap impressive results from it. Consult experts and take advantage of this type of marketing method.