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Sales and business people alike want the same thing, to get more sales and get more earnings.

Your business needs a trainer that will help you achieve your goals, that you can see measurable results. that can give you tried and tested techniques that keep the momentum going after the training has finished. 



Because in the world of competitive business, you can't afford to use a hit & run trainer that gives you the same old cliched
stories and formulas that everyone else is using.

Sales People go to endless sales seminars, listen to countless men in suits and slowly but surely it all seems to slur into the same message. do more. it is up to you. keep going it's a numbers game.

What if i could show you a better way to get more sales immediately and constantly. I'm sure that is  something you would be interested in?

The majority of sales trainers, talk the talk and walk the walk but when it comes to results nothing really changes. people go back to the old habits of what they were doing before the training.

Sales training is not a hit and run operation.  it needs to be a Long term perspective system of training that measures results.

How are you going to stand out from the crowd and spark interest?

There has always been aggressive competition.

This is not a new problem. we are now apart of the information age and we are facing the same problems business and sales people faced back 200 years ago at the start of the industrial age.  



In the book, “Birth of a Salesman” by Walter. A. Friedman he shares the diary of James Guild (a peddler from Vermont).

In 1818, James Guild wrote in his journal, “He realized that there was economic value in entertaining and using less orthodox ways of sparking interest. He even travelled with a bison at one point to attract attention”.

Get the ability and steps involved in overcoming and breaking barriers and hindrances that stand in the way of your total success! Develop a sense of empowerment to close more sales. 



More Referrals that have a knock on effect

"When I trained with Insurance Agents, I helped one of my trainees expand his contact list to 650 in an afternoon. He then went on to be top of the branch after his second week by gaining sales by mainly referrals alone."

The ability to handle objections thoroughly and close sales more often

"When I worked with an  IT sales team, the main issue with the team was that they did not come from a selling background. Most had been brought in from a manual area and they were present from a result of their job description changing. I saw some real breakthroughs with the team. One of the trainees who had been very resistant to selling at the start became one of the top sales people from a focussing on solving people's problems."

Focussed motivation and clear written goals

"One of my trainees went from being the worst in my training course to be the best in his branch based on his desire to succeed. He would be the 1st to come in and the last to leave.Selling is all about your desire to acheive."

Presenting Solutions based on the Clients needs

"When I worked with some clients in the telecommunications industry, I helped a trainee to paint pictures and express his products benefits more clearly and expressively. His closing ratio improved overnight."

Learn how to build long lasting rapport

"One of my trainees built such a rapport with a minister of a church that the minister gave my client a copy of his churches data base of a thousand members."

Understand the negotiation process and when to use concessions.

"When I worked with a team of after sale specialists, I had the pleasure in seeing the team use less discounts and give aways to close the deals. Which led to more commission in there pocket."

So do you deserve more sales and more earnings? Contact me right now, I promise to show you how to get more measurable results in the time negotiated with your self/your staff/both, 

or I 'll give you your money back. That is how much I believe in what I can do for you.

How does that sound to you?


For an informal chat about your training needs, please contact me on (07) 4659 8898 and I can also arrange myself or one of my specialists to discuss what we can offer you without delay.

Mike Blayden
Sales Training & Online Development 

Our mission is to provide measurable, innovative and high excellence training that provides business owners, salespeople and sales managers the tools to achieve!


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